Find out exactly what is and isn’t allowed at Jones Beach Theater.

What’s Allowed:
Items allowed in this venue include: one factory sealed bottle of water (up to 1 liter in size), small umbrellas, jackets, sweaters, canes, small pocketbooks, prescription medications, diaper bags (when child is present), and special needs assistance guide animals. Note: These guidelines are subject to change.

What’s Not Allowed:
Items not allowed in this venue include: weapons, alcohol, drugs, lawn chairs, laser pointers, skates, wallet chains, ice chests, banners, flyers, beach balls, Frisbees, projectiles, tools, fireworks, outside food or beverage (except as noted), video/audio recording devices, film or digital cameras, sharp or dangerous items and backpacks (free bag / beach gear check available at guest services). Subject to artist approval and varies by event. Please call on the show day for more information. Activities not allowed at this venue include: standing on seats, standing in the aisles, re-entry into venue, and carrying weapons of any kind.

Jones Beach Concert Schedule